Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The waterfall where my mother used to read books. It is called Henrietta Falls in my book.
I just proofed the final version of "The Legend of the Kettle Daughter" as it heads to the printer. Four years ago, my mother was in hospice and this book was a little tiny light in the distance that helped me find my way forward in my grief. Of course, it stretched to 80,000 words before it was then distilled into its present form. I am looking forward to seeing it be born in the coming weeks. Here are some photographs of Holiday Park, the setting of much of my book. I took these about three years ago.
This is Yellow Lake and the spring that feeds it. My mom's spirit resides here, now.

The cabin built by my great grandfather spans "The Cold Spring." On summer nights, you can choose the bedroom that spans the spring and sleep to the sound of water moving beneath you. The smoke here comes from the old cast iron stove that was brought to the cabin in pieces by my great grandparents.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Here's What Authors and Artists are Saying About The Legend of the Kettle Daughter

Part myth, part personal history, and part gallery, the poems and art in Amy Alexander’s The Legend of the Kettle Daughter bristle with the magic of fairy tales. Most strikingly, though, these poems are also built from breathing truth and “born of the world’s blood.” Line by line, Alexander moves from hushed secret to “full-throated trill” with the masterful voice and palpable sincerity of a poet in full bloom. The Legend of the Kettle Daughter is a vibrant, transformative collection sure to take readers on a necessary journey towards memory and reclamation.

Jack B. Bedell, Poet Laureate, State of Louisiana, 2017-2019, author of No Brother, This Storm 

Alexander carefully mines her nearly mystical youth filled with spectres and sanctuaries, prayers and paths through frozen woods for just those intimate details that make her writing both swift and sparse and yet relatable and evocative of some universal coming of age we all experience surrounded by people and places demanding some kind of magic to fully understand...Kettle Daughter feels like a grand campfire tale, an emotional epic of the heart spoken in small whispers like embers dancing with a crackling flame.

Jeffrey Roedel, Co-Founder and Editorial Director for Wonder South: Journal & Dry Goods

The Legend of the Kettle Daughter is an intriguing and intimate journey that boldly explores the powerful bonds between mothers and daughters.

Desiree Sanchez, Artistic Director, Aquila Theatre

In The Legend of the Kettle Daughter, Amy Alexander creates a delightful song using the magical language of poetry and lively images of art. She skillfully gathers, binds, and twists together what is vibrant with what is transformative— managing to illuminate a heartfelt path of lived experience in page after beautiful page.

Robin Toler, artist, author of Get Real: From Storytelling to Authenticity

Here, in Amy Alexander’s Legend of the Kettle Daughter, we glimpse a personal mythology, peek into a snow-globe universe, and meditate on the elements of filiation. There is a blurring of boundaries between the illustrations and the poetry—just as the blurring of memories passed from mother to daughter. There is “a country inside” this volume, a landscape and a canvas for reading, ruminating, and stitching together a narrative of bold archetypal colors in shapes that tease our primitive instincts for pattern recognition. We know these lakes, these are our people, and we have been here before. Each poem is a touchpoint in an expansive consciousness that shares a little of its intimacy without erasing or masking the open heart of the author.

Michael Noble

Let 'your ear drums catch the song' of these heartfelt poems in the beautifully illustrated The Legend of the Kettle Daughter. Amy Alexander brings the reader simultaneously into the personal and the mythic with these pieces that find magic in ordinary things like “breath on glass” and “collected lipsticks.” With gorgeous language and evocative imagery, she moves from places interior and exterior. A whole life rises and falls in these pages.

Rachael Ball, poet

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Drum roll please.....Cover Reveal

I'm very excited to reveal the cover to The Legend of the Kettle Daughter (Hedgehog Poetry Press,  April 2019).

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The Legend of the Kettle Daughter is a personal history that tells a modern, mythical story of mothers and daughters bearing witness to one another. Here, the sacred and eternal parts of family are held to the light in full color, alongside the real life challenges and places that shape stories and lives. Firmly rooted in the rocky mountain landscape of Utah, where waters flow and rocks tower, The Legend of the Kettle Daughter also rattles with a brand new, unforgettable mythology that creates an ancient peace for harried hearts.